Why People Can’t Lose Weight

Obesity has overtaken smoking as the number one killer. Millions of people would like to lose weight but can’t despite the presence of a massive weight loss industry that includes gyms, dieticians, medications, and surgery. So why can’t people lose weight?

Here are some very common reasons:

  1. You are impatient: Many people are impatient and want results right away. They don’t realize that if it took them two years to gain weight, it would take some time to lose the weight as well. Even if you start to lose half a pound each week, that is only 2 pounds a month. In other words, it will take you one year to lose 20-24 pounds. But people don’t have the patience to wait this long, and when they don’t see quick results, they give up.
  2. Not drinking adequate water: Experts say that a common reason why people don’t lose weight even though they are trying is that they don’t drink enough water. Our body can’t burn fat in the presence of dehydration. The process of burning fat requires water as a fuel.
  3. Not getting adequate sleep: The body needs at least 7 hours of sleep, and during this time it starts to burn calories. If you sleep less, you burn fewer calories. That is why if you are trying to lose weight, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.
  4. Your medications: Researchers state that in some cases the medications you take may prevent loss of weight. These include drugs generally taken for diabetes, depression, and blood pressure. Unfortunately, you can’t stop using these medications because they are necessary so your weight loss results may not be as quick compared to those who do not use these medicines.
  5. You continue to eat junk food: Many people are not able to lose weight because they lack commitment. When trying to lose weight, you should not even eat a slice of your birthday cake. A pseudo diet to lose weight is not good enough. You have to give up on junk food completely. That means no chips, cookies, soft drinks and any other high-carb snack.
  6. Your workouts are too short or too easy: Some people may not be able to lose weight because they either exercise too little or the exercise they do is not strenuous enough. It is important to include some high-intensity exercises in your daily routine. You also need to be regular.
  7. You have stress: Having chronic stress can interfere with weight loss. Stress results in the release of hormones that cause weight gain. It is important to avoid stress when trying to lose weight.
  8. You think that a diet alone will help: A major reason why people can’t lose weight is because they remain fixated that diet alone is the answer. Starving or going on a low-carb diet may give you quick results but those results are not sustainable. It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle because that is what will ensure long-term results. Dieting will not work forever. A healthy diet with a good exercise regime can help you sustain the weight loss for a longer period of time.