New York Physical Exam in Manhattan

A physical examination is an essential part of being responsible for your own health and well-being.  A physical from our board certified NYC physician affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital will provide you with excellent care, educational materials and the dedication you deserve. Too often adults stop getting physical exams in New York. Why? The main reason we’ve observed is that they simply don’t think they need it or they are just too busy.  The only time they end up going to the doctor’s office is when they need a prescription or catch a cold. This is an extremely vulnerable line of thinking.

Physical Exams in NYC are Partly Covered by Insurance Plans!

As you are getting older it is even more important to visit the doctor for a full physical exam. We will evaluate your current health with tests and evaluations and then compare the results with your past history. It’s the only way to accurately learn more about your health. Please call your insurance carrier check eligibility and amount of possible co-pay.

The purpose of a complete Physical Exam in New York

  • To screen your health for potential issues
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through patent education
  • Keep current with vaccinations
  • Maintain a relationship with a health care provider

It’s easy to pick up the phone and call our office. We promise to provide you with availability during regular business hours.

Physical Exam: Timeline Of Events

  • Arrive on time and hand in a copy of your insurance card
  • Fill out the medical history and evaluation report
  • Meet Dr. Gafanovich
  • Discuss your answers on the medical history form
  • Look at the history together and discuss the physical exam
  • Next testing your breathing, blood pressure, and reflexes
  • In some cases the doctor may order a blood test

Dr. Gafanovich is an excellent top rated physician in the NYC area.  She makes sure that you are comfortable, and that you understand the results of your exam. This means all the complicated jargon that medical professionals use will be laid out plainly so that you can understand it. Remember, no question is left unanswered. Remember, do not hesitate to ask or call because the basic premise of being proactive in your health care starts by asking questions.

Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD

Top Rated NYC Physician

Physical exams should be a part of an annual plan of every New Yorker. Visit Dr. Gafanovich in Manhattan to get a peace of mind in knowing that you are in good health.

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How to become healthy now

  • Stop smoking. Smoking is not only an inhibitor, it is extremely toxic to your entire body
  • Begin stretching in the morning. Take about 15 minutes to stand up and stretch out your body each day. This promotes flexibility and circulation
  • Walk, run or find another way to exercise at lest 30 minutes a day
  • Stay with a diet based on plants and cut back on meats

Becoming an apt and astute observer of your own health requires responsibility. When you come to Manhattan Physical Exams, you take a proactive approach. Don’t wait to come to us when you are sick. We ask that you make it a priority to take your health into your own hands. Prevention is key.

What makes a routine physical exam with a new doctor better than any other?

Here are Dr. Gafanovich’s office patients are welcomed by a multilingual staff who understand the needs of patients. Plus, the staff and the doctor believe in patient education and are committed to give you all the options to stay in good health.