Benefits of a General Health Checkup in New York

Dr. Gafanovich believes in educating patients, and handing them the knowledge they need to keep themselves proactively healthy. Her staff are multilingual so all patients are given the attention that they deserve without any barriers. Patients that need physicals or health screenings are treated in a comprehensive practice that gives detailed information and on site testing.

Health check ups in New York are important for certain patients that are at risk for diseases as a result of injury, family history, or environmental stress. Many times patients discover something new about their health that they did not know before they came in. Don’t worry not all results are going end up being bad.

What happens during a health checkup?

Your doctor will review you medical history for any illness, family history of disease and your present symptoms. It will help her to create a better overall picture as she evaluates your health. The next step is the actual physical screening.  The doctor usually takes a patient’s blood pressure and check the body for lumps, unusual bloating and shallow breathing. In many cases blood tests, urine samples and other testing may then be required. If something is found that the doctor will want to know more about then additional testing like a chest x-ray will be ordered.

When should I receive health screenings?

Typically you should begin during middle age (45-65). These health check ups will then continue for the patients remaining life. Those at risk for diseases should have screenings at a younger age.

Benefits of a complete health examinations.

The health screenings  we offer help to identify any diseases that you might have. Cancer detection is usually a large portion of these check-ups. The entire purpose is to locate and identify any potential risk factors. These tests are recommended for anyone who has a history of cancer, or other diseases in their family or personally.

Since the human body is dynamic and consistently facing factors that will ruin your health the screenings and checkups are a great way to detect any issues. In developed countries the number one killer is diabetes and cancer which can be detected many times with timely health exams. But, if you wait until it is at an advanced stage it might turn out to be too late. Health screenings help you to take control of your own body. So essentially you are taking care of your own health and well-being. The general health check up is comprehensive, and is the only way to promote a positive attitude of prevention rather than treatment.

Preventative general health check ups are beneficial because:

  • They help identify early signs of cancer, diabetes and other diseases
  • Most early detections result in prevention rather than treatment
  • Promotes a positive health environment
  • General health checkup is a preventative care
  • Health screenings rule out other diseases

Most New York physicians understand your values, and maintain the most important part of their practice, a strong patient/doctor relationship. Did you know that even now NYC employers are now urging their employees to have health check ups? We love that more and more people are beginning too understand the benefits of having an annual health exam. These programs were created with your best health in mind.

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Physical exams should be a part of an annual plan of every New Yorker. Visit Dr. Gafanovich in Manhattan to get a peace of mind in knowing that you are in good health.

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Elderly patients are especially encouraged to have annual health screening. Research has found that many elderly patients are taking this advice to heart. In fact, there has been an 18 % increase in the early detection of diabetes, and other diseases because more people are coming in for screenings. Also, if caught at an early stage the chances of surviving cancer increase. As we get older it is important to begin to think about our bodies.

Physicians and researchers are consistently developing innovative testing to detect certain cancers. In the past researchers were only able to detect some cancers in extremely latent stages, not anymore.  Your doctor will help you to learn how to live a healthy life with the knowledge that can only be obtained through proper patient education.