Top Rated Physician in New York

Dr. Marina Gafanovich is rated the #1 Internist in the New York area on several different locator sites (Avvo, Citysearch, Healthgrades, Vitals. etc). She is considered to be the most reviewed Internal Medicine doctor in NY Metro area. She believes the credit for this goes to her unerring dedication to the patient’s whole health, rather than treating just the illness. Years of dedication to the people of NYC have earned Dr. Gafanovich a loyal following of patients and colleagues, and has entrenched her in the community. Below are just a few of the recent comments left by patients.

Dr. Gafanovich @Manhattan Physical Exams is not only a dedicated healthcare provider, as they would say, but mainly a caring individual with the passion to medicine. Owens, New York
Great physician, no problems whatsoever. I do my physicals once a year, and this is a very good spot to do that.Jamie, Fort Lee
This is a PERSONAL service. The doc treats you like a friend and this makes her practice stand out from thousands of others Joseph, Manhattan