Ketogenic diet fuels rapid weight loss says obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman

A “Miracle Diet”?

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, protein-adequate, low-carb diet used to treat pediatric epilepsy. The diet, which forces the body to burn fats instead of carbs, sends fat to the liver where it is changed into fatty acids and ketone bodies. Ketone bodies then pass to the brain where they replace glucose as a source of energy.

Elevated amounts of ketone bodies in the blood, then lead to a reduction in the rate of epileptic seizures according to an article in Pediatrics.

Ketogenic Appears to Work in Weight Loss Also

“Ketogenic diets fuel weight loss,” according to obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman. While dietary fat has been blamed as the culprit leading to obesity and diabetes for four decades, many experts now believe a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet boosts weight loss and brings optimal health.

“I tell my patients, ‘Don’t fear the fat,'” Westman told CBN. “Eat lots of fat as it makes you feel full.”

An obesity expert and overseer of the Duke University Lifestyle Medicine Clinic has patients who experience ‘dramatic’ weight loss on a ketogenic diet.

Reverses Diabetes and Heart Disease

Westman told of one patient, a 51-year old female, who lost over 180 pounds on the ketogenic diet. The woman, 5-foot 4, once weighed over 320 pounds and slimmed to 140 by eating a high-fat, low-carb diet.

According to Westman, rapid weight loss isn’t the sole benefit. Westman says people who adhere to a high-fat ketogenic diet find improved health across the spectrum, after they run a health checkup.

“Here at Duke, we mainly follow the low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet to treat diabetes as well as obesity,” he said. “Hypertension gets better; heartburn gets better, the list goes on.”

Westman, the author of Keto Clarity, suggests morbidly obese individuals limit their daily carb intake to 20 grams. The key to cutting carbs is to replace them with moderate amounts of protein — and a lot of health fats from salmon, eggs, bacon, butter and cream.