Congratulations on pursuing your U.S.A. greed card status.  Part of that process is the green card medical exam, also referred to as the immigration medical exam. This is an essential step to receiving your green card. 

Dr. Gafanovich, MD is licensed to practice in New York City, designated a “civil surgeon” and authorized to conduct immigration medical exams by Homeland Security of the United States. 

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What should I bring to my exam?

The  documents you should gather before the appointment to bring with you include:

    • Bring a copy of your medical history
    • Bring a copy of any previous  chest X-rays
    • Bring your immunization or vaccination records
    • Bring a letter from your doctor for any medical treatment plan you follow
    • A government-issued photo ID: for example, a driver’s license, a passport, state ID, or travel work permit. 
    • Payment for the medical exam
    • Bring Form I-693 (Report of Medica Examination and Vaccination Record — if you do not have it, we can provide one at the office, but prefer you bring it with you, and your portion completed)

Green Card Medical Exam

The exam is broken down into several parts, these include:

    • A review of your medical history and your immunization records
    • Both mental and physical evaluation
    • Drug and alcohol screening
    • Various  diseases and illnesses tests

The green card medical exam is undertaken primarily to determine whether the applicant poses a health risk. 

During the exam, you will have to be tested for: 

    • syphilis (blood test) and gonorrhea (urine test) for applicants 15 and older
    • undergo tuberculosis (IGRA) test for all applicants 2 and older)
    • vaccination screening: MMR, Hepatitis A & B, Varicella, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids, Pertussis, Haemophilus influenza type B, Seasonal flu vaccine (only if your appointment is during the yearly flu season of October 1 to March 31), COVID-19

For more detailed information about your green card exam (or immigration exam), view this page on our Travel Clinic NYC site here

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