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  • Liposuction warning..
    The before and after photos are dramatic. Before: A young woman with a toned, hard body. After: A young woman with bumps and gouges lurking under her skin. What happened? Cosmetic Liposuction ..
  • Burning carbohydrate-rich foods could cause s..
    How to Enjoy Burnt Meat and Put Your Health at Risk According to a recent study, Dutch scientists have found that burning your food may lead to increased risks of cancer, especially in women. The ..
  • South Beach Diet Review..
    The only way to keep up with the latest is with a South Beach Diet review. You need to constantly stay on the lookout for new information. If you read everything you from the South Beach Diet ..
  • A Cure for Morgellons disease?..
    Every doctor has those patients in their practice. They have chronic pain or other myriad of symptoms but all the blood tests, scans, and even biopsies keep coming back negative or normal. Yet ..
  • Diabetes Heart Risk Equivalent To 15 Years Ag..
    Diabetics are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, one of the world’s biggest killers, 15 years earlier than other people, according to a scientist on Friday. So a person with ..